Bumpalicious was born in 2014 while I was still a stay-at-home mom. I got itchy to get back into business but still wanted to be there for my babies.

Only after years in corporate then embarking on the journey of motherhood , did I discover a side of myself previously unknown. A passion for pregnancy & tots emerged as I experienced first-hand the organic process of bringing life into this world.
Only once your last child is born, do you understand the pang of angst when you realise that you will never again feel the kick of a little foot in your ribs.

It is for this reason I believe this precious time should be treated with reverence and that each day you should look & feel beautiful. As anyone who has kids will know, this is not always easily achieved towards the end of pregnancy when you may start to feel like a whale!
I also get to relive this magical time by engaging with expectant moms and meeting their bumps-turned-little human after.

Heather Feather was born a few years later and reinforces my belief in celebrating these fleeting moments of life.
If we think back, thoughtful gifts from beloved people are what we carry with us into adulthood and still talk about to this day.
It brings me joy that my bespoke personal night lights are creating these wonderful memories –
Just ask ‘Matilda’ who used to be scared of the dark until her lamp changed her nights forever. Now her lamp lights the way for the monsters to leave the bedroom!

Wherever you are on your journey – I hope it’s magical!

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