Heather Feather is a bespoke gifting concept created and founded by myself.

I believe that gifts are messages of emotions, our love come to life & steadfast reminders that we are adored.
For this reason, they need to be sincere.

I have learnt over the years that often moms value a pasta necklace made by their child over fancy jewellery.
I have learnt that small children carry warm memories of meaningful gifts over a lifetime.
Thoughtful gifts let us relive magical moments in time when our hearts sang with joy!

“Being around pregnant women carrying new life & small children – the end product of this amazing journey of motherhood – for many years inspired me to create a range of bespoke gifts that embody the purity of sincere gifts.
Each lamp is unique & no two lamps are alike.”


All lamps are made in South Africa and created by hand in my home studio.